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Support in applying for rehabilitation

Support in applying for rehabilitation

A rehabilitation measure can be applied for

  1. Directly after an inpatient hospital stay so-called AHB = follow-up healing treatment (Anschlussheilbehandlung)
    a.  Your ward physician must submit the application during your stay in hospital. He usually gets help from the social services, who will contact you about the formalities and the rehabilitation clinic where the rehabilitation is to take place.
  2. Without previous in-patient hospitalization so-called HB = healing treatment (Heilbehandlung), e.g. if
    a.  your earning capacity is at risk - rehab before retirement
    b.  your independent lifestyle is at risk - rehab before care
    Your family doctor must submit the application.

If you are still working, your pension insurance is responsible. If you have suffered an accident, your accident insurance and, with a few exceptions, your health insurance. These insurance companies have different application forms.

If you need information, support or advice, you can contact the following offices:

  1. Sozialverband VdK Deutschland e. V.
    Linienstraße 131
    10115 Berlin
    Phone: 030 9210580-0
    Fax: 030 9210580-110
    Sozialverband VdK Deutschland e. V.

  2. Joint Rehab Service Centres

    By operating Joint Service Centres, the rehabilitation providers fulfil the legal obligations of the SGB IX. The nationwide establishment and operation of Joint Service Centres is aimed at providing information, advice and support for disabled people or people threatened by disability that is neutral and binding for all providers.
    Joint Rehab Service Centres