Support in the search for therapists

Medicine 3

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Prof. Dr. med. univ. Georg Schett

Support in the search for therapists

You were an in-patient at the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, during this time you were also treated by the physical and rehabilitative department with physical therapy, physiotherapy or occupational therapy and want to continue this treatment at home on an out-patient basis?

You can find more information about the possibilities of outpatient further treatment under outpatient / inpatient further treatment.


Zentralverband der Physiotherapeuten/ Krankengymnasten e. V.:

Deutsche Therapeutenauskunft:


Deutscher Verband der Ergotherapeuten e. V. (Search for therapists):

Bundesverband für Ergotherapeuten in Deutschland e. V.: 

Speech therapy:

Deutscher Bundesverband für Logopädie e.V.

There are still further possibilities of the prescription:

  • Functional training or rehabilitation sports (e.g. cardiac sports groups,...)

    These are sports or gymnastics groups, which usually take place 1-2 x / week on dry land or in the water. The groups need an acknowledgment by the cost bearers. They are led by specially trained therapists who carry out exercises adapted to the disease. The prescription can be issued for different periods of time, depending on the illness and the responsible insurance company, and must be approved by the health insurance or pension insurance company. Once you have received the prescription, you must find a suitable group and inquire whether places are available. Usually, when you register, you will be asked for doctor's reports in which the therapists find clues about your individual problems and your individual resilience.

    Further information can be found at :
    Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Rehabilitation  - Rehabilitationssport und Funktionstraining/

    and with your health insurance and pension insurance.
  • The prescription for exercise:

    When prescribing, your doctor will note on the prescription the recommendation for a particular sport. You can then find out on the Internet under Sportprogesundheit about special courses close to home that have been awarded the "Sport per Health" quality label. After the course, you submit the prescription with a confirmation of regular participation to your statutory health insurance company, which can provide financial support for the course.

You can see the forms under outpatient / inpatient further treatment.


Medical management:

OA Dr. Christoph Bleh

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Michael Pappa
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Emergency Information

In emergency cases please call the internal emergency department:

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