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Support with outpatient / inpatient further treatment

Support with outpatient / inpatient further treatment

For outpatient further treatment with physical, physiotherapy, ergotherapy or speech therapy, you need a prescription, a so-called medication prescription, which your doctor - family doctor, internist, orthopaedist, neurologist,... - must issue to you. If you are legally insured, a very specific form is required (see below). For a diagnosis, 3 prescriptions with 6 applications each of physiotherapy and 3 prescriptions with 10 applications each of occupational therapy may be prescribed. It does not matter whether these treatments take place within one quarter or over two quarters. If more treatments are required, there must be a justification on the prescription or a break of 12 weeks must have elapsed since the last application.

Since 1 July 2011, in the case of severe permanent functional/structural damage, it has also been possible to apply for approval for long-term therapeutic treatment and the health insurance fund can approve the medically necessary remedies for at least one year (§ 8 (5) HeilM-RL). In the case of certain diseases, the application and approval procedure will no longer apply from 01.01.2017 (decision of the GBA of 19.05.2016[GBA - Anpassung der Regelungen zum langfristigen Heilmittelbedarf] ). Nevertheless, the prescription is budget relevant for your physician, i.e. he may only issue a certain number of prescriptions in one quarter.


Physiotherapy PrescriptionErgotherapy PrescriptionPrescription for  movementFunctional training or rehabilitation sport




If you still have very strong functional impairments, e.g. in joint mobility, muscle strength or fine motor skills or still very strong pain, it can also make sense to apply for an inpatient or full-day outpatient = partial inpatient rehabilitation measure.

Full-day outpatient rehabilitation means that you come to the rehabilitation facility in the morning or are brought to it and return home in the afternoon or are taken home by a transport service. The application procedure is the same as for an inpatient stay. For such a full-day outpatient measure, certain conditions must be fulfilled, such as not being too far away from the rehabilitation facility and others.

You can find out more about the application procedure under support for rehab applications.