Outpatient admission

Medicine 3

Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. univ. Georg Schett

Registration in the Hochschulambulanz of the Department of Medicine 3

Opening hours:
Mondays to Thursdays from 07:30h to 10:00h and from 14:00h to 15:30h
Fridays from 07:30h to 11:00h

You can reach us by telephone at 09131 85-34742 at the following times:
Mondays to Thursdays from 07:30h-10:00h as well as from 14:00h-15:30h
Fridays from 07:30 to 11:00.
Or you can contact us by e-mail at M3HSAatuk-erlangen.de

Due to the large number of patients, first presentation appointments can only be made after receipt of the registration form (see below). Please have this completed by the referring colleague and return it to the outpatient department with the most meaningful findings possible. This also applies to short-term appointments.

Questionnaire for first visit

This also applies to short-term emergency appointments.

Please bring:

  • Referral from your resident physician for outpatient treatment
  • Exemption from copayment (if available)
  • Findings of your resident physician
  • You may have breakfast before coming, please do not come sober!  
  • Insurance card of your health insurance company

In urgent emergencies, please contact the Emergency Department of the Internal Medicine Centre directly, Tel: 09131-8535421.


Hochschulambulanz/Outpatient clinc
Phone: 09131 85-34742
Fax: 09131 85-36448
E-Mail: m3hsa@uk-erlangen.de

Privatambulanz/Private clinic
Phone: 09131 85-33363
Fax: 09131 85-34770

Studienambulanz/Study outpatient clinic
Phone: 09131 85-32093

Station B2-2/Inpatient clinic
Phone: 09131 85-33015

Emergency Information

In emergency cases please call the internal emergency department:

Phone: +49 9131 85-35420