FP7-Health EuroTEAM

Medicine 3

Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. univ. Georg Schett

The EuroTEAM - Towards Early diagnosis and biomarker validation in Arthritis Management

The EuroTEAM (Towards Early diagnosis and biomarker validation in Arthritis Management) project is funded by the European Union. Our aim is to develop approaches which help to prognosticate the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis(RA).

RA is a chronic inflammatory disease associated with significant morbidity and reduced life expectancy.

It is known that the prescription of biologicals delays diseases onset in patients with inflammed joints in an early disease stage. Within this project we investigate diagnostic biomarker and mechanisms of disease pre and at the beginning of disease to allow an appropriate intervention into the course of the disease at best to prevent the disease onset.


Contact: Dr. med. Dr. PhD. Axel Hueber


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