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Research Group Dr. S. Frey

Cytokines, the transmitter in inflammatory and autoimmunological processes

Head: Dr. rer. nat. Silke Frey

Major interest of our group is the biology of inflammatory synovitis in rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis and its relation to psoriasis. We study the role of IL-1 family members (IL-33 [IL-1F11] and IL-1F6) in synovitis and also address their function in bone metabolism. Using translational approaches we utilize arthritis and psoriasis inflammation mouse models as well as human tissue and cell samples to examine cytokines in regard to the disease specific expression, function and potential dysregulation. This interacts with activities from the clinical trial facility (Dr. Jürgen Rech) for sample collection. Together this will lead to further insights to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the perpetuation of synovial inflammation. A different project targets the mechanism and function of protein-tyrosine kinase receptors (PTKs) in inflammation. Hereby we study the potential anti-inflammatory effect of PTKs in its relation to bone metabolism and its interlink to synovitis. Projects are conducted with close co-operation with Prof. Iain McInnes (Glasgow, UK) as well as internal colleagues/groups.

Selected publications of Dr. Silke Frey, PhD