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Optimum therapy results through correct selection and combination of the various elements

The generic term physiotherapy includes all active and passive forms of therapy that are used by physiotherapists and sometimes also by masseurs.

The passive forms of therapy include massage, heat and cold therapy and baths. They are described separately under Physical Therapy

The term physiotherapy or even physical exercise no longer does justice to the diversity and demands of today's physiotherapeutic procedures. Depending on the individual situation, both passive, i.e. guided by the therapist, and active, i.e. independently executed movements are used, which are supplemented by physical measures.

Only the right selection and combination of the different elements leads to an optimal therapy result. Not only healing, but also prevention and rehabilitation are aspired goals and accordingly physiotherapy is not only used by the "sick" but also by the "healthy" and its importance is constantly increasing.

It supplements medicinal, operative and other therapeutic measures and is often the only alternative when these are exhausted.

Therapy offer:

  • therapeutic gymnastics
  • Medical Training Therapy
  • Medical Structure Therapy
  • Manual Therapy (MT)
  • Physiotherapy on a neurophysiological basis (Bobath)
  • PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
  • Computer-aided ergometer training
  • Assistive movement training (MOTOmed®)
  • Breathing therapy
  • Reflective Breathing Therapy
  • Sling table therapy
  • Controlled partial load training
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Kinesio-tape
  • FOTT - Facio-Orale-Tract-Therapy
  • Case Management
  • Pelvic floor therapy
  • Cystic fibrosis therapy according to Jean Chevaillier