HLA laboratory

Immunogenetics and transplantation

Head: Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Spriewald

The Laboratory of Immunogenetics and Transplantation is run as a joint facility of the Departments of Medicine 3 and 5. It has been accredited by the European Federation for Immunogenetics (EFI) since 1999.

One of the basic tasks of the laboratory is to provide immunogenetic organ donor diagnostics for solid organ transplantation and immunological care for the Eurotransplant area of the Transplantation Network Northern Bavaria with the transplant centers Erlangen-Nuremberg, Würzburg and Regensburg. These tasks are performed on behalf of the German Foundation for Organ Transplantation (DSO).

In the field of bone marrow and blood stem cell transplantation, immunogenetic and immunological diagnostics for potential familial stem cell donors and recipients are performed for the KMT Center of the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen at the Department of Medicine 5 and the Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic. In addition to high-resolution HLA class I and II typing, the laboratory offers chimerism determinations after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. As a cooperation laboratory of Aktion Knochenmarkspende Bayern (AKB), we participate in typing campaigns for the AKB donor file.

A further task of the laboratory is HLA diagnostics in connection with disease associations such as ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease etc.

Service specifications

All laboratory services are also offered to external donors.
Outside regular working hours, there is a 24-hour on-call service for organ donor diagnostics.

Regular opening hoursMo through Th:08:00h-16:30h



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General notes:

HLA diagnostics in solid organ transplantation:

HLA diagnostics in stem cell transplantation:

HLA diagnostics in disease associations / pharmacogenetics:

For external senders, the request (antibody diagnostics, crossmatch, HLA typing) is only valid in conjunction with a fully completed "laboratory bill 10" for persons with statutory health insurance.

Note on the Gene Diagnostics Act (GenDG)

In the opinion of the Board of the German Society for Immunogenetics (DGI), HLA examinations with the aim of determining compatibility do not fulfill the criteria of a diagnostic genetic examination according to § 3 GenDG and are therefore not subject to the regulations of this law. A corresponding declaration of consent can, of course, nevertheless also be sent for immunogenetic examinations as part of the compatibility determination.

Comment on the GenDG

Note on postal dispatch
The provision of packaging material or reimbursement of postage costs cannot be made by our laboratory as part of the Universitätsklinikum. When shipping samples, the valid regulations for the transport of hazardous substances and objects must be observed.

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Markus LuberDeputy Head / Head of Research
Silvia KlöckerTechnical management
Simone GeyerSecretariat / Accounting
Andrea BeyerTechnical assistant
Martina GeithnerTechnical assistant
Margarethe HerberTechnical assistant
Birgit LauerTechnical assistant
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