Clinical infection immunology

Medicine 3

Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. univ. Georg Schett

The Department of Medicine 3 is a center for clinical infectiology certified by the German Society for Infectious Diseases (DGI = Deutschen Gesellschaft für Infektiologie).

In the Clinical Infection Immunology we care for patients with diseases from the entire spectrum of infectious diseases. Our own laboratory and the cooperating institutes for virology and microbiology offer a wide range of modern diagnostic methods for this purpose. Important clinical focuses are the treatment of patients with immunodeficiencies, HIV infection and Lyme disease. Clinical Infection Immunology is a member of the HIV/AIDS Competence Network and participates in the patient cohort of the Competence Network. 

Patients with a newly diagnosed HIV infection should be presented directly to the HIV outpatient clinic even in the absence of clinical symptoms - with progressive immunodeficiency, life-threatening infections and tumours often occur suddenly, which can be prevented by timely initiation of antiretroviral therapy of HIV infection. We determine the necessity of antiretroviral therapy on the basis of the clinical symptoms, the number of CD4 helper cells and the level of viral load.

Patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy should pay attention to a variety of pharmacological interactions. Therefore, before taking any new medication, we should discuss the compatibility with HIV medication with you. Pregnant HIV-infected women should be introduced immediately after pregnancy has been diagnosed, as interdisciplinary care by infectiologists and gynaecologists can significantly reduce the risk of HIV transmission to the child. When exposed to HIV-contaminated material, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) can reduce the risk of HIV infection.

Studies to test new virustatics and immunotherapeutics for the therapy of HIV-1 infection are underway in the HIV outpatient clinic

Outside office hours from 4pm to 8am or on weekends and public holidays, please contact Pforte Internistisches Zentrum 09131 85-35000 (ask for doctor)


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