Effective. Cooperative. Collegial.

The interdisciplinary approach is important in diseases that affect multiple organs. In both intestinal and skin diseases, the inflammations can also affect joints and cause pain. For effective and targeted treatment, the stage of the disease as well as the activity must be regularly assessed in close cooperation with colleagues at the specialist clinics of Universitätsklinikum Erlangen.

The use of high-resolution imaging techniques shows the diseases more precisely and quickly provides information about the disease state. The close cooperation with the radiology department of the Universitätsklinikum offers our patients a quick appointment for magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography or X-rays and contributes a great deal to the expansion of knowledge about chronic inflammatory joint diseases.

Erfahren. Kompetent. Engagiert.

Outpatient clinic

Gemeinsam. Menschlich. Vertrauensvoll.

Ward B2-2

Innovativ. Qualifiziert. Verbunden.

Trial Unit

Aktiv. Individuell. Einfühlsam.

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine